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3 School Breakfast Stats in to Know in 2023

Digging into School Breakfast


Today marks the first day of National School Breakfast Week in the United States. This program was started by the School Nutritional Association in order to celebrate the importance of nutritious school breakfast in fueling students for success. Observed every year during the first week of March, this event celebrates the national School Breakfast Program and the many ways it gives kids a great start every day.


In alignment with the School Nutrition Association, we have put together 3 statistics that together, highlight the state of national school breakfast programs today.


Here is what is on the menu:

  1. Increase in Average Daily Participation (ADP) for free programs
  2. Students’ breakfast preferences
  3. Challenges facing school nutrition programs


Importance of School Breakfast

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A Trip Around Latin America: Yuca

The ending of Hispanic Heritage Month leaves us not only with the delicious taste of Latin cuisine in our mouths, but a sense of wonder and excitement for Latin culture on our minds. Now that you’re all caught up on your list of Latin terms, and your knowledge of Plantains around the Latin America, it’s time to continue the journey with Yuca!

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Plantains: A Trip Around Latin America


September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States – which means for the next month, Latin culture is celebrated and revered all over the country in a multitude of industries. From the arts and history, to technology and the sciences, contributions from those of Hispanic heritage are appreciated especially during this month.

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What’s on the menu for the ­K-12 2022-2023 school year?

Every year, school operators look to the most recent studies on what students are craving to create trend-forward menus. Different factors affect these menus, such as preference, dietary restrictions, and economic trends. We gathered some sources together in order to paint the best picture of what K-12 students are going to be wanting in the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

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