A Rainbow of Roots: 8 Must-Try Sweet Potato Varieties to Revamp Your Menus

November is officially Sweet Potato Awareness Month. In a world of unique fruits and vegetables, the humble sweet potato continues to amaze culinary professionals and customers with its palette of variations that range in shape, size, color, and taste.


In preparation for Sweet Potato Awareness Month, we’re diving into the colorful world of this globally loved root vegetable and exploring eight different sweet potato products that are sure to transform your dishes.


Orange Sweet Potato


1. Orange Sweet Potato Fries


Unquestionably a classic, the vibrant orange hue of the Beauregard or Jewel Sweet Potato brings out a rich taste that's sweet and savory. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, these fries can be a delightful side to any meal or even enjoyed on their own with a sprinkle of sea salt.


Papas Chorridas Brisket Burger with Sweet Potato Fries


Pictured: Brisket Burger with United Flavors® Orange Sweet Potato Fries Papas Chorridas (Watch recipe video here!)


2. Orange Sweet Potato Dices


Tiny cubes packed with flavor, these dices are perfect for stir-fries, curries, or salads. Their bite-sized goodness makes them a versatile ingredient, especially when you're looking for a burst of sweetness in your dish.


SP COOKED Diced (2 of 5)-jpg


Pictured: United Flavors® Sweet Potato Dices


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3. Orange Sweet Potato Mash


Creamy and smooth, this mash can replace your regular mashed potatoes for a naturally sweet twist. Pair it with grilled meat or fish, and you've got a perfect balance of flavors on your plate.


230808_MIC Food_00181


Pictured: Peruvian Sweet Potato Causa with Picked Crab and Seasonal Vegetables featuring United Flavors® Sweet Potato Mash


Golden Sweet Potato


4. Golden Sweet Potato (a.k.a. Boniato) Fries


A lesser-known sibling of the orange sweet potato, the golden variety (or Boniato) offers a slightly different flavor profile. Milder and less sweet, these fries are ideal for those who want a unique taste without an overwhelming sweetness.


Golden Sweet Miso-Maple Glazed Golden Sweet Potato (Boniato) Fries w Spiced Salted Sweet Cream


Pictured: Sweet Miso-Maple Glazed Fries w/ Spiced Salted Sweet Cream featuring United Flavors® Golden Sweet Potato (Boniato) Fries


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5. Golden Sweet Potato (a.k.a. Boniato) Dices


Neutral in taste, the golden dices can seamlessly blend into any dish, absorbing the flavors around them. Think of them as tiny sponges ready to soak up the goodness of your recipes.


230808_MIC Food_00507


Pictured: Salmon and United Flavors® Golden Sweet Potato Dices with Local Season vegetables Baked in a Cast-iron Pan Topped with Chimichurri


6. Golden Sweet Potato (a.k.a. Boniato) Mash


Lighter in color and texture compared to its orange counterpart, this mash presents a delicate flavor. Perfect for those who prefer a milder side dish that complements, rather than competes with, the main course.


Moreover, Sweet Potato Mashes aren’t just great for elevating a dish; they can prove helpful in healthcare food service institutions looking for more inclusive ingredients in their menus. It is estimated that 15% of the elderly population struggles from dysphasia or difficulty swallowing (Source). A mash variety of sweet potatoes can provide patients and guests with a deliciously safe option for a starchy vegetable.




Pictured: United Flavors® Golden Sweet Potato (Boniato) Mash


Tri-Color Sweet Potato


7. Tri-Color Sweet Potato Fries


Why settle for one when you can have a medley of colors on your plate? Combining the orange’s richness, the golden's mildness, and the purple variety's striking visuals, these fries are a treat for the taste buds and an aesthetic delight.




Pictured: Dry Aged Ribeye Open Faced Sandwich with Caramelized Onions, Peppers and Chimichurri with United Flavors® Tri-Color Sweet Potato Fries


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8. Tri-Color Sweet Potato Dices


Stir-fry dishes, casseroles, or even a simple roast can be elevated with these vibrant dices. Each color brings its unique taste, ensuring every bite is a symphony of flavor.


230808_MIC Food_00435-1


Pictured: Pork Belly Hash with United Flavors® Tri-Color Sweet Potato and Local Diced Vegetables




The world of sweet potatoes is broader than many imagine. Whether you're a fan of the classic orange or eager to try a combination of colors and flavors with the Tri-Color variety, there's a sweet potato product out there waiting to revamp your customers’ meals.


Traditionally, sweet potato can take up to half an hour to prepare and cook. Here at MIC Food®, we are helping chefs, restaurants, industrial kitchens, retail brands, delis, healthcare institutions, and others in the food industry rethink their menus and increase appeal among ethnic and mainstream consumers alike.


We provide a variety of sweet potato products that come peeled and cut, ready-to-heat and serve, saving you hours of prep time so you can focus on what matters the most: making every meal memorable.