Big Banana® by MIC Food

Big Banana® is the original plantain brand that pioneered the frozen tropical food industry over 35 years ago. Starting with frozen green plantain tostones, the Big Banana® brand has grown to include a range of value-added, ready-to-eat plantain products—ranging from tostones in several styles to ripe plantains in various cuts.

In 1985, Alfredo Lardizabal, founder of Mercadagro International Corporation arrived to Miami from Honduras wanting to improve the life of his family. Noticing the preparation labor and time needed to enjoy authentic recipes using fresh plantain and wanting to share these traditional tropical dishes with others in the community, he began testing methods of freezing green plantain at various stages of maturity in his home freezer.
After perfecting the recipe and months of perseverance requesting an appointment, he approached the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. with his idea. It was there that his idea was met with resounding acceptance and the frozen plantain industry began, forming a strategic partnership dating back over 30 years.

Green plantains can be mashed and cooked to form a crispy toston, plantain cup, plantain strips, and more. Versatile, tender, and crunchy, use it as a side item to complement meat, chicken or fish dishes, or in appetizers with sauces, toppings and fillings.
Our ripe plantain slices are sweet, filling, and rich in Potassium. Available in multiple presentations, such as slices, mash, and tidbits, our sweet plantains can be baked or fried to address any of your specific needs.

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We partner with national and international food distributors, retailers, restaurant chains, schools, brokers, and food manufacturers to deliver a consistent supply of ready-to-eat, frozen ripe and green plantain products.
Every day, Big Banana® can be found as a main ingredient or side dish on restaurant menus, retail products, or private labeled retail products. Big Banana® helps companies innovate menus, create new products and extend brand appeal across ethnic and mainstream consumers alike.

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