Sweeten Up Your Mother's Day with These Tropical Recipe Inspirations

Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated worldwide, and it’s no different in the Latin world!

We put together some of our favorite recipes for a tropical, Latin Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch for El Dia de Las Madres this Sunday. Scroll down to get inspired!

Breakfast Coconut Pancakes with Ripe Plantain Slices
Coconut Pancakes with Big Banana® Sweet Plantains

Breakfast Yuca Crutons Salmon H WATERMARK
Smoked Salmon With Tio Jorge® Yuca Chunks And Lime Sour Cream

Breakfast Yuca Crutons Pan de Yuca H WATERMARK
Sunny-side up eggs with Tio Jorge® Yuca Croutons and Pan de Yuca

Sofrito Boniato Omelette H WATERMARK
Tio Jorge® Boniato Chunks with a Sofrito Omelet

4.Salted Caramel and Roasted Plantain slices Cookie_final9 WATERMARK
Big Banana® Sweet Plantain & Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Chip Muffins

Plantain sponge cake_final02 WATERMARK-2
Big Banana® Sweet Plantain Bread Stuffed with Walnuts & Sweet Plantain Tidbits

Plantain Breakfast Burrito H WATERMARK
Breakfast Burrito With Big Banana® Sweet Plantain Tidbits

Plantain  Tidbit Chocolate Scone H2 WATERMARK
Oatmeal Scone packed with Big Banana® Sweet Plantain Tidbits & Chocolate Chips

Plantain Power Tidbit Muffin WATERMARK-1Big Banana® Sweet Plantain & Oatmeal Power Muffins with Chocolate Chips

Breakfast Taditional Latin H WATERMARKSunny-side up Eggs with Black Beans, Queso Blanco and Big Banana® Sweet Plantains


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